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Lorna Tyler

My working life was spent teaching art. Encouraging students to evolve their ideas innovatively and experiment with a wide variety of materials has been a wonderful process of two way stimulation for me. Leaving teaching enabled me to devote my energies to discovering ways of developing my own work , in particular my love of the portrait head and the human form.

When I became a grandmother I started a series of studies of babies and as the grandchildren grow I work on portraying groupings of children. Children are wonderful creatures, we should rejoice in them .

I hope my work conveys my feelings and when someone buys a piece it is the greatest affirmation and compliment. My work has been exhibited at, amongst others, the Mall Galleries :ING Discerning Eye and also the Royal Society of British Artists’, Collectors’ Selection of the Artists’ Open Houses, Brighton and Hove Festival, the Oriel Gallery Aberdeen.